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Sunday, September 20 2015

Would you put money into a bag with holes in it? Or, would you plant flowers in a leaky pot? What about investing in a stock that never yields dividends? I hope that you answered "no" to all of these questions. We wouldn't intentionally do things that just don't make sense.  However, we resort to non-producing solutions when we fail to properly position prayer as a priority in our lives.

Prayer is simplistically defined as making a request in a humble manner and to communicate with God. The four types of prayer are: adoration, confession, thanksgiving and supplication. This means that prayer is necessary at all times and is relevant in every situation of our lives.  The concept of prayer is ancient and is favorable! Moses prayed and the children of Israel walked through the Red Sea on dry ground, received water from the rock, manna from heaven and quail from the wilderness. Elijah prayed and revived the widows son. Daniel prayed and was protected in the lion's den. The church prayed and Peter was miraculously freed from prison. Declare this: "There is POWER in prayer!" Prayer will keep you focused when it seems like the promise will never manifest. Prayer builds stamina when the heart is growing weak and reveals the conversation that is taking place in heaven concerning your situation.

Jesus said in his prayer pattern to his disciples, "Pray that the will of God is done on the earth, just like it is always being done in heaven". Prayer will put us back into perspective of His will! It is effective in realigning our purpose with His purpose and will bring us to a place of peace when our hearts are overwhelmed. There is POWER in prayer! Our Father (who He is), which art in Heaven (where He is), Hallowed be thy name (what He is), thy kingdom come and thy will be done (what we need), in earth (where we need it), as it is in Heaven (how we need it), give us this day our daily bread (when we need it). Matthew 6:9-11

Prayer is effective and will never disappoint. If we expect God to move in our lives with abundance and prosperity, we need to actively seek His will through prayer. "The effectual, fervent prayers of the righteous avails much!" James 5:16

Declare it with me: "There is POWER in prayer!

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Tuesday, September 01 2015

How many times have you gone past a construction site in the beiginning phases?  Did you call what you saw beautiful?  Typically, that type of activity is often disregarded without a second look or consideration.  Many times, we don't really appreciate the beauty of a thing until it is completed.  So many times, we do the same thing in our interpersonal development.  We disregard the day to day improvements and fail to appreciate the process that God allows us to experience.  In the planning process of any great structure the first step is to excavate.  This is the "digging" process that prepares the structure to be anchored to a solid foundation.  Without it, the beautiful "structure-to-be" would become vulnerable to atmospheric changes and may not last through the storm.  Likewise in our lives, we would not be able to stand through the vicissitudes of life.  Thank God for the process!  There may be areas in your life right now that appear to be sub-par and situations may be undesirable, but God is building something great in you.  I truly believe that Romans 8:28 expresses this truth in balance.  "This we know that all things work together for good, to them that love God and are the called according to his purpose."  The preacher in me wants to drop anchor and preach right there!  What we need most is a change of perspective in order to see what God is doing.  For that pain - God is building something great in you!  Through disappointment - God is building something great in you!  When the manifestation tarries - God is building something great in you!  Don't get discouraged by how things look right now, THIS is an important step in the process and can't be skipped if you expect to receive the promise.  Remember...God builds great things!

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